Cuts in a Diamond

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  • February 5, 2019

Nothing is as important as the quality of “cut” in a diamond when it comes to the overall appearance. The way the pieces of diamonds are chiseled is instrumental in determining their brilliance. Let’s have a look at some of the most elegant diamond cuts that you would find at the Multani jewellers.  These sophisticated cuts shall certainly sway you with their elegance.

Round Cut

Round cut, the most well-known diamond cut has a charismatic appearance that never fails to eulogies the onlookers. The 58 facets and sophisticated chisels of diamond render it a divine look. No doubt, the term diamond was synonymous to  round cut for decades.

Emerald Cut

The unique emerald cut, unlike most of the other cuts, entails cutting the diamond in a shape of a parallelogram. These shapes make the diamond all more scintillating. The arranged linear facets of the cut . They have a comparatively larger surface table and cropped corners.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamond closely resembles the brilliance of the round cut diamonds. The elongated look of the diamond creates illusions about the actual size of the diamond and makes it look larger.

Princess Cut

As the name suggests, the royal cut diamond is known the most for the brilliance that it creates. These are square shaped diamonds are also referred to as square modified brilliant cuts. They have a face-up shape knows as the crown.

Radiant Cut

The sharp-edged octagonal shaped diamonds . It has distinctive trimmed corners with facet patterns on both the pavilion and crown. The exotic cut is an amalgamation of the pattern and brilliance of the princess cut, round cut and emerald cut of the diamond.

Heart cut

Diamonds have been a symbol of grandeur, love and affection for ages. With the widespread usage of diamonds in wedding gifts and other occasions, the heart cut has  accumulated a lot of demand. The multi-facet finely chiseled heart shaped diamond has an extremely brilliant look.

Marquise Cut

Widely known as the boat-shaped cut, the Marquise cut diamonds are mostly used in the engagement rings. Marquise cut diamonds are of an elliptical shape and have a total of 58 facets and have pointed ends.

Pear Cut

The pear cut diamonds have a pointed end and their typical ratio varies between 1.50 to 1.70 and has multiple pavilions ends. The cut uses the style of both Marquise and round cut diamonds.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut diamonds have a brilliance that outplays that of any other type of cut. Thanks to the large crown and the larger step facets which render it a scintillating brilliance. The shine of Asscher cut diamonds are similar to Emerald cut diamonds in their shine. Assher cuts diamonds are usually square shaped.

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