Multani Jewelers are third-generation family jewellers who invoke the name of integrity, tradition and highest quality in the jewellery business. Generations of expertise and experience have helped Multani Jewelers establish themselves as a key player in the gems & jewellery industry. The value-driven relationships with customers have helped them find a place in the hearts of the customers. The premium quality and range of diamonds and jewellery at their store never fail to overwhelm the onlookers with their breath-taking panache.

Multani Jewelers are family jewellers with a range that is fit for queens.

When women fall in forever lasting love, they wear diamonds on their fingers, because diamonds reminds women how cherished and loved they are to the very special person who gave it to them.

Be sure it is the best quality diamonds — the stone of longevity, perseverance and forever lasting love. Make sure it is from Multani Jewellers, your trusted family jeweller.

“Jewellery is a very personal thing…it should tell a story about the person who is wearing it.”

Heirloom jewellery creates a direct connection to our family history. It is a meaningful piece of jewellery that belongs to a family and gets passed on through generations.

Their value and beauty are crucial factors, but more importantly, Heirloom jewellery is symbolic of love, accomplishment and family.

Heirloom jewellery traditions are almost invariably created on special occasions such as birth, marriage, graduations and the story behind them is key.

Multani Jewellers are a third generation of jewellers, masters of their craft and also one of the most trusted name as Family Jewellers. They are specialist in creating heirloom pieces that you can pass on to your next generation with love and pride.

Our Story

Over 50 years of passion, priceless trust, undying hard work, thousands of designs and an ongoing quest for perfection…… made from the finest materials, hallmarked and certified through accredited Labs……… The history of Multani Jewellers is that of fine jewellery designing and craftsmanship.



Why Us

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Make an appointment today for a personalized session to creating a family heirloom. Give a gift that are imagined in hearts, crafted by hand, inspired by love and followed by history. For enquiries, write to us at , or call us at 011 2924 5544